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Bird Disco (2021)

Bird Disco trailer

"Bird Disco is a participatory and communal performance based on music by media artist Pasi Autio and dance by dancer-choreographer Saku Koistinen. It features dancing to music made from the song sounds of birds, with Koistinen acting as a pre-dancer and dance director.
Although Bird Disco is an entertaining, participatory and communal experience, it is based on a powerful theme: the loss of biodiversity and the unequal interaction of humans with the ecosystem as a whole.  
Bird Disco has captivated and engaged audiences in a wide variety of events, settings and situations, both in Finland and abroad."

Concept and music: Pasi Autio
Choreography by Saku Koistinen


The work was originally created for the Helsinki Biennial 2021 and has since been performed at the opening of the XXVII Mänttä Art Festival 2023, Riga White Nights 2023, the opening of the Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm 2021, and other events.

Bird Disco, photo Joonas Berlin.jpg

Photo: Joonas Berlin

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