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Punahilkka? / Little Red Riding Hood? 

Punahilkka? is a remake of the well known fairytale for children and families. The stereotypical characters of the original story have a new twist in this 2020 -version. But are they able to brake the old codes, which seems to sit so tight? 

Choreography and Script: Saku Koistinen

Light Design: Tuomas Laitinen

Dance: Laura Koistinen, Miro Puranen ja Satu Rinnetmäki

Storyteller (voice): Heidi Syrjäkari

Recording: Juho Hannikainen

Sound Design: Saku Koistinen

Costume Design: working group

Dressmaker: Tuula Klemetti

Technical realisation: Tuomas Laitinen

Photography: Reijo Haukia

Production: Routa Company  |

Premiere: 29.1.2020 / Generaattori Kajaani

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