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Keväin (Spring)

Keväin (eng. spring) is a dancepiece about light, the philosophic dilemma of change and the uncontrollable strenght of growing. It is light and bubbly movement and dance where you can occasionally feel the distinctive smell of decomposting leaves and dirt.

Keväin is light, hormones, stink, grotesque force and overwhelming joy of being!

Choreography: Saku Koistinen

Dance: Laura Koistinen, Saku Koistinen, Ville Oinonen / Satu Rinnetmäki

Sound Design: Miikka Ahlman

Light Design: Tuomas Laitinen

Script: Saku Koistinen

Production: Routa Company

Premiere: 24.11.2018 Generaattori, Kajaani

Supported by: Finnish Cultural Foundation

Photos: Ia Samoil

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